President’s Message: “People and Partnerships – PR the Wright Way!”

Canadian Public Relations Society – Société canadienne des relations publiques

Collaborating to promote Canada’s capital city: Profile of CPRS member Catherine Callary, APR

By: Valkyrie Budarick In perhaps one of the most quintessentially Canadian analogies one could make, Catherine Callary, APR, explains the importance of relationships to achieving success. “Much like the flight pattern of Canada geese and how a different goose will take the lead in the V-shaped flying pattern while the others draft behind for energy


A·man·da Cho·ui·nard [shÜ-wee-nard], noun.

By: Murielle Pierre Look up the definition of ‘powerhouse’ in the dictionary and you can bet that picture of Amanda Chouinard—recipient of this year’s CPRS Ottawa-Gatineau Student Leader Award—would be posted right next to it. During her time as a Student Leader on the chapter’s 2016-2017 Student Volunteer Committee, Amanda exhibited a wide range of